VARROC-IMES-SPAIMES spa  was founded in 1941, and started from 1961 to be a strategic supplier of forged parts for  Global OEM customers in Europe and US. During last 55 years, many companies, leader in their specific markets, has started to closely cooperate with IMES in developing some cost-effective and quality excellent product families.

Varroc Imes S.p.a.In 2007 IMES was acquired by VARROC Group, an emerging global automotive component manufacturer and supplier of exterior lighting systems, powertrains, electricals-electronics, body and chassis parts to leading passenger car and motorcycle segments worldwide. Actually, VARROC is leading global passenger car lighting supplier and the number one 2-wheeler automotive component supplier in India.

At that time, VARROC started a market diversification project  in oil-gas & undercarriage market, buying IMES, a specialist for over thirty years in the OEM supply of forged parts, as cones and stand/body for oil-gas  drill bits and links rollers and segments for undercarriage market, specific know-how in developing  customized process and internal dies  manufacture for the application request by the customer.