The IMES S.p.A. has for social purpose

Metal processing and hot forging of steel

The main objective of the organization is to consider respect for the environment as an integral part of its business.

The Management of IMES S.p.A. promotes any direct action to protect the environment and the health of human resources and aimed at using products and services (own or third parties) in a global strategic project to improve environmental quality.

Starting from the year 2009, IMES S.p.A. has decided to manage and reduce the impact of its activities on the surrounding environment (together with those of third parties to whom the organization may have an influence).

For this reason, we intend to operate with an Environmental Management System that wants to comply with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004 Standard.


The IMES S.p.A. respects the environmental laws in force: the eco-management system facilitates this compliance and allows us to always carry out preventive assessments regarding the environmental risks that may derive from the production / service delivery processes attributable to the activities listed in the field of application of the Environmental Management System.

The IMES S.p.A. undertakes, therefore, to respect the following principles by assuming the corresponding priority commitments (individual or all):

• responsibility towards the environment must be considered in the same way as the other management aspects of the organization and the needs of the customers
• the impact on the environment of each activity carried out or outsourced must be systematically assessed, controlled and reduced, also to avoid and / or adequately manage emergency situations
• systematically detect the environmental impacts of its activities and those of the outsourced ones, understand their effects and identify their causes
• evaluate in advance the environmental impacts of all new activities and all new products and processes
• plan environmental objectives and related targets; implement environmental programs, continuously monitor the progress of these programs and, if necessary, make the appropriate corrective actions
• evaluate investments and modifications to the plants, considering, in addition to the economic-financial aspects, also the environmental and safety aspects
• carefully manage plants and use raw materials in a rational way
• the withdrawal of energy resources and raw materials must be constantly optimized in order to minimize it
• prevent, control and reduce emissions of pollutants into the environment and the production of waste wherever possible. The waste produced must be as low as possible and recovered; the organization is responsible for their correct conferment and management in compliance with the relevant legal requirements
• use products and materials with the least possible impact on the environment
• train staff in environmental matters
• inform all the people who work for the organization of the hazards related to production activities and adequately train them for risk prevention
• promote employee involvement in the process of continuous improvement of environmental performance
• require suppliers and contractors to adopt the principles of the organization’s environmental policy
• to sensitize contractors and / or suppliers to adopt environmental procedures equivalent to those of the organization
• maintain and promote an open dialogue with local communities and environmental authorities
• cooperate with public authorities in managing possible emergency situations in order to minimize impacts on the environment
• take into consideration the demands of citizens, social and trade union organizations, employees and the Authority’s requests
• seek an open dialogue with the public and interested parties with suitable means of communication in order to understand the environmental impacts of the organization’s activities
• introduce control and audit methodologies of its Environmental Management System
• develop, implement and update its Environmental Management System
• launch actions aimed at continuous improvement, beyond the legal obligations, of environmental performance and of the organization’s environmental management system

All employees in the areas within their competence are responsible for monitoring and periodically ascertaining compliance with these commitments.

We intend to constantly review our production / service delivery processes to minimize the environmental effects generated by them; this must take place always preferring the best available and economically viable technologies.

Any modification or innovation of the service delivery processes will have to be evaluated in order to implement, if necessary, appropriate measures for the prevention, control and reduction of environmental effects.

Furthermore, when choosing our suppliers, preference will be given to those who adopt clean technologies and operate according to Environmental Management Systems.

The IMES S.p.A. it aims to create more and more attention towards environmental protection in its employees, through informative meetings, training and periodic audits.

We constantly seek the collaboration of public authorities and local communities.

Our organization undertakes to allocate adequate human and financial resources to the full disclosure of this policy and to the achievement of the objectives, targets and environmental programs necessary to apply it.

The Environmental Policy provides the framework for establishing and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.

The Environmental Policy is communicated to all the people who work for the organization or on its behalf.

It is available to the public and to anyone who requests it.
General Management IMES S.p.A.